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Iron Cove Bridge

The RTA constructed a second bridge over Iron Cove as part of the Inner West Busway Project along Victoria Road.

Fernandes Constructions were sub contracted to construct the substructure which included the piers and abutments.


Working from the pile caps Fernandes constructed a perimeter scaffold and then using Prefabricated formwork shutters erected the formwork for the piers.


The piers had a large concrete volume, so they were poured in several lifts due to exothermic heat given off by the concrete.

Fernandes had to deal with the challenging logistics, as well as the safety and environmental issues that went along with working from barges across Iron Cove.

There was limited storage available on site so materials had to be brought in on a “just in time” basis, with further restrictions placed on delivery times to minimise the impact that truck movements would have on the local community.

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