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M2 Upgrade

Bridge Widening works on Devlins Creek Bridge as well as the lengthening of Murray Farm Road and Beecroft Road overpass bridges as part of the M2 Upgrade project.

Special Features of the Project included work occurring adjacent to and over the existing M2 motorway, with a key condition of the work to maintain the flow of the motorway. As such this created extremely challenging and congested work zones adjacent to live traffic. Safety for motorists, the public and workers became a heightened risk.

In addition to safety, the work being conducted required complex temporary works design to allow for the installation of diaphragm beam reinforcement and formwork soffits without the use of falsework. The design work carried out by Fernandes Construction helped to contribute to the main contract being awarded by the Roads and Maritime a Construction Quality Awards in the area of Design and Technical Services.

The congested work area also required careful management of logistics with materials being delivered to site on a just in time basis.

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