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William James Bridge

The project involved the construction of a single span plank bridge over a creek as well as the construction of several retaining walls, and the reconstruction of approximately 200m of road pavement at the approaches to the bridge.

Stakeholder management was key as the works occurred adjacent to a rail corridor owned by BHP and occurred along the only heavy vehicle access route to the Dendrobium Coal Mine. Works had to be coordinated to ensure they did not impact on the operation of the mine.

In addition, the works were also constructed over and adjacent to a Sydney Water asset and almost directly under existing overhead high voltage power lines. This meant that the works required additional project management to liaise and co-ordinate with both Sydney Water and Endeavour Energy to be able to construct the bridge.

This led to the bridge being constructed over 2 stages, one half at a time, to maintain vehicle access without disrupting access to the rail corridor.
In addition, the local community was also very sensitive to the impact of additional construction traffic on local roads. As such deliveries into and out of the site had to be carefully managed.

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